Life Center Church of Deliverance

855 N. Monticello St.

Chicago, IL 60651



Children's Church Ministry
This ministry is designed to cater to children and present the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on their level so that can develop a strong biblical foundation and prepare them for higher levels of relationship with Jesus Christ, and function in the Church.
Christian Development Ministry
This is our Christian Education Ministry formerly known as Sunday School. it is where everyone can get a well rounded perspective of the Bible and a comprehensive study of it's contents over time.
Church Council
Consists of all leaders of auxiliaries, who meet monthly to manage the flow of the total church program to ensure unity, excellence, and organization.
To promote the general welfare of seniors, ages 50 and up. To enhance their lives spiritually and physically.
Every LCCOD Member is assigned to one of the "Twelve Tribes of Israel" groups. The group leader's primary responsibility is to be the extended arms of the Pastors' to aide and assist in regular spiritual encouragement in the form of verbal or written communication with the goal of keeping a consistent line of communication from the Pastors to the flock.
Untitled Department
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